Happy New Year!! And What's Ahead

We are so excited to be launching into 2021 with you and growth in our network.  What can you expect this year?

  • Reopening Plans!  While we've been working with sites since May, we've also been asking you to wait until the spring or vaccine.  All members are welcome to sign up for our reopening workshops, we'll have two a month.
  • Aging Issues!  We have the hoarding spectrum & supporting downsizing in January then intimacy & sex in February, and always more coming.  Always taking suggestions.
  • Supporting Your Work!  Our team has lined up tools, talks, and tutorials for you.  Take our annual report templates, watch our grant writing course, download the program library, listen when we talk about staff morale, and so much more.  Please let us know any needs you have, we'll develop it.
    • Wizer Direct Feedback!  Wizer members have the opportunity to get direct feedback from our team as a way to support you in a deeper way.
    • Wizer Interns!  We have 8 partner universities to help with some WizeCove overarching projects and outreach, AND they are here to assist Wizer members on select development, policy, and fundraising projects.
  • Virtual Senior Centers!  We have growing evidence that digital community building solutions (like our AgeFlux virtual senior center platform & mobile app) are impactful to your community as well as part of a solid sustainability plan. Let us talk to you about including it in your strategic planning.
    • One of our members has already purchased AgeFlux!


KovirPage LLC, which owns and maintains WizeCove, is having a strong focus in 2021 on dismantling digital ageism.  Digital solutions and strategies for aging services, confidentiality concerns, digital rapport building, digital intelligence train-the-trainer, and more.  We have a number of in-service titles for you to choose from or you can request your own.  


You can get a 10% discount on these in-services IF you contact us before January 31.


Finally, we want to be honest about WizeCove - AAAs want in. Home Health Cares want in. Skilled nursing workers want in. A Colorado Senior Travel Agency wants in. As a social enterprise and business, WizeCove needs to be self-sustaining and we are committed to keeping this space for senior center professionals only for as long as possible.

Paid membership needs to be at 200 by February 23 (our CEO's birthday!) to keep WizeCove for just senior centers. If we cannot reach this goal, we'll open it up to the aging sector and adapt clusters accordingly.  Remember, every successful invite gets you personal Amazon gift cards!!!


Thanks so much for being early adopters and joining us on this fun ride!

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