Welcome to December

Personally, my family celebrates Christmas, and this year especially I'm embracing the hope and peace that it brings.  

Something else I love about this time of year is that there are many other celebrations going on!  Chanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, New Year's - so much to celebrate (and so much good food).  That's why this month we are focusing on cultural competence.  

Cultural Competence is being aware of and knowledgeable about cultures outside of your own. 

  • How does someone in Japan celebrate New Year's? 
  • How does someone in Israel celebrate Channauka? 
  • What is Kwanza and who celebrates it?
  • How does someone in South Africa celebrate Christmas? (Hint: beaches and bonfires)  

Our older people are feeling more and more isolated the more covid keep our doors closed or partially closed.  At this time of year, how can we go about making them matter?  How can we work at making them feel and be relevant?

By making their traditions matter.

Challenge:  Stay curious.  Take the time to ask a few of your fringe members how they celebrate the holidays and see how you can apply those traditions to your programs and services this year.

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